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The Excellence Fund helps Franklin invest in scholarships and student services to ensure convenient, high-quality academics at the lowest possible cost to our students. You think your gift doesn't matter? Your commitment and participation at any level makes a difference for Franklin students! Click here to Give today
The Office of Alumni Engagement has volunteer opportunities for all many events around campus.  Volunteer at graduation, alumni events, or with a group of fellow alumni in the community. To become a volunteer, email us today by clicking here.
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Do you own a restaurant or other business? Work at a museum and are willing to arrange a unique tour for fellow alumni? Are you a small business owner and are willing to provide a behind the scenes tour? To contact us and see how you can help today, click here
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Franklin University's Office of Alumni Relations is always eager to recognize successful and outstanding alumni from all walks of life. We encourage alumni of all ages to submit their nominations and suggestions to help us honor noteworthy alumni and their achievements. To do so, click here.

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Alumni Ambassadors are Franklin alumni who value their educational experience and want to share it with their colleagues, co-workers, friends and relatives, to have a positive impact on another person's life. Remember... You have a story to tell! Click here to become an ambassador.